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Do you want the Best Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2017?

Taylor Swift is a name who doesn’t need any introduction in music world. She is one of top American singer-songwriters and specially known for her good country music and country pop. Most of the Taylor Swift songs are the biggest hits in the history of country music. In this digital age, Swift is one of the top most successful musical artists. Her songs have earned her not only a leading spot in country music, but as a multi-genre crossover artist. Here we have got a list of top 10 Taylor Swift songs 2017 for all her dedicated fans and followers, so check it out.

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Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2017


01. Love Story : – This country pop song is the lead single of Taylor Swift’s second studio album called Fearless. Taylor Swift is not only the singer but also the writer of this mid-tempo song. With the sale of over 5,550,000 paid digital downloads and over 8 million copies worldwide, Love Story is her best-selling single to date. It ranked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also made its place in the list of best-selling singles of all time. it is number one song on List of Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2017.

02. You Belong With Me : – It’s a beautiful country pop song written and sung by young talented singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. She wrote it when heard one of his male friends arguing over phone with his girlfriend. ‘You Belong With Me’ received two Grammy Award nominations for both ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Record of the Year’ categories. It became Swift’s Swift’s 3rd best-selling single and 2nd best-charting single on the Billboard Hot 100 to date. It peaks at number two on List of Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2017.

03. Teardrops On My Guitar :- Taylor Swift co-wrote this country pop song with Liz Rose. It was released as the second single of Swift’s debut album, Taylor Swift (2006), and later it became part of her 2nd studio album, Fearless. The song was inspired with Swift’s feelings for a classmate named Drew during their freshman year of high school at Hendersonville High School. This song secures its place at number three on List of Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2017.

04. Back To December :- It’s definitely one of the best songs by Taylor Swift from her 3rd studio album, Speak Now. Taylor Swift has admitted that ‘Back to December” is the first time she ever apologizes to someone in a song. The song peaked at number six on Billboard Hot 100.

05. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together :- This song belongs to Taylor Swift’s 4th studio album Red and was released as the lead single from the album in 2012. It’s a bubblegum pop song in which Taylor Swift expresses her frustrations at one of her ex-lovers who wants to re-kindle their relationship. This was the first song by Taylor Swift that peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is ranking at number five on List of Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2017.

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List of Top 10 Taylor Swift songs 2017 continues…

06. Tim McGraw :- It is the song by which Taylor Swift introduced herself to country music fans in the summer of 2006 and became a singing sensation of that time. Tim McGraw was inspired by a break-up with Swift’s high school boyfriend. It is from her self titled debut album Taylor Swift and it ranked at number six on Billboard’s country chart.

07. Mine :- This country pop song was released as the lead single of Taylor Swift’s 3rd studio album titled Speak Now. One of her unnamed crushes was the inspiration of Taylor Swift to write this song and its lyrics speak of the ups and downs of a young love.  “Mine” debuted at number one on the Hot Digital Songs and peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100. Mime is peaking at seventh position on List of Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2017.

08. Our Song :- In her high school days Taylor Swift wrote this Song for a talent show in her freshman year. Our Song is about a young couple who don’t have their own song, but instead uses events in their relationship to take the place of a song. “Our Song” proved to be a number one country hit for Taylor Swift and ranked at number sixteen on the Billboard Hot 100.

09. Mean :- It’s a good country song by American recording artist Taylor Swift from her 2010 album Speak Now. The song won two Grammy Awards in “Best Country Solo Performance” and “Best Country Song” categories. Swift has stated  that she wrote it to get back at her critics.

10. I Knew You Were Trouble :- It’s a not to be missed song for all Taylor Swift’s fans. I Knew You Were Trouble was released as the 3rd promotional single from her 2012 album, Red. It debuted at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and sold over 416,000 copies with in the first week of its release. This is the last but not least song of on List of Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2017.

Above given songs in the list of Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2017 are the best country and country pop songs by Taylor Swift. For more updates and latest news about Taylor Swift, stay tune with us.

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