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Moon Landing : Latest Album by James Blunt

James Hillier Blount, a former army officer, is an English pop-rock singer-songwriter who is more famous as James Blunt in international music world. He shot to fame with his debut album, Back To Bedlam, released in 2005. ‘Goodbye My Lover’ and You’re Beautiful’ are the songs from the album which became hit and also earned him many fans. Blunt’s latest 2013 album is titled ‘Moon Landing’ which is his 4th studio album. ‘Bonfire Heart’, one of the eleven tracks of the album, was released as the first single of Moon Landing on July 29, 2013. It debuted at number 6 on the UK Singles Chart and also receiving decent amount of airplay on BBC Radio 2.

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James Blunt was born as first child of Charles Blount and Jane A. F. on 22 February, 1974 at an army hospital in Tidworth, Wiltshire of England. His father was a colonel in the British Army Air Corps so he spent his early childhood in many countries including England, Germany, and Cyprus.Emily and Daisy are the names of his two younger sisters.

His family has a long history of military service. James Blunt acquired his pilot’s license at the early age of sixteen and also learnt to ride motorcycle at that age. As a child James Blunt took piano and violin lessons and later he was introduced to the guitar by a fellow student. When Blunt grew 14 he started to play guitar and write songs. Below is the list of new James Blunt songs 2016 from his latest album Moon Landing.

List of New James Blunt Songs 2016


Trail of Broken Hearts
When I Find Love Again
Bonfire Heart
Face The Sun
The Only One
Sun On Sunday
Blue On Blue
Always Hate Me
Miss America
Heart To Heart
Miss America” (Angel Studios Acoustic)
Kiss This Love Goodbye
Next Time I’m Seventeen

After success of his debut album, James Blunt released a live album Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions on February 2006. In September 2007, he released his 2nd studio album ‘All The Lost Souls’ which has hit singles such as Same Mistake, I Really Want You, 1973, and ‘Love,Love,Love’. All The Lost Souls was lesser successful than Back To Bedlam.

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Later in 2010, James Blunt released his third studio album, Some Kind Of Trouble which debuted at number 4 in United Kingdom. Moon Landing is his 4th and latest studio album. Now check out the list of top James Blunt Songs 2016 given below.

Top James Blunt Songs List 2016

You’re Beautiful
One Of The Brightest Stars
Carry You Home
I Really Want You
No Bravery
Goodbye My Lover
So Long, Jimmy
Out Of My Mind
Tears And Rain
You’re Beautiful (acoustic)
Fall at Your Feet” (acoustic)
Where Is My Mind
Sugar Coated
I’ll Take Everything
Give Me Some Love
Same Mistake
Shine On
Je Realise – with Sinik
I Can’t Hear The Music
Shine On
Dear Katie
Cuz I Love You
Breakfast In America
Return To Kosovo
It Is My Song – with Laura Pausini
Young Folks
So Happy
Into The Dark
If Time Is All I Have
Best Laid Plans
Stay The Night
Heart Of Gold
So Far Gone
Turn Me On
These Are The Words
No Tears
Calling Out Your Name
I’ll Be Your Man
There She Goes Again

James Blunt has won many prestigious awards for his music including 2 Brit Awards, 2 Ivor Novello Awards, and 2 MTV Video Music Awards. In 2006, James Blunt was nominated for five Grammy Awards. Keep visiting to see updated list of James Blunt Songs 2016.

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